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19 Jul

Elena Dell Donne Captures Top Spot in WNBA All-Star Game Voting


Elena Delle Donne has earned the honor of the top vote getter among all WNBA all-stars. The rookie Chicago Stars guard even beat out fan favorite Candace Parker who was the top vote getter for the Western Conference and was 2nd overall in all-star votes. 

Delle Donne is part of a rookie class that has been quite electrifying in general. There has even been mention, on this blog for one thing, that Delle Donne could be a dark horse candidate for the league's MVP award and she seems like a shoe-in for the rookie of the year.

Delle Donne is currently averaging more than 19 points per game and over 5 rebounds per game. Chicago is reaping the benefits of the rookie's superstar level play as the team is currently in first place in the Eastern Conference and has won four games in a row.

Delle Donne is the first rookie to ever get the top voting spot for the WNBA all-star game.

18 Jun

NCAA Football 14 demo set to be released today, so when can we get it?

NCAA Football 14

Today was the day when the brand new demo for NCAA Football 14 was supposed to hit consoles all across America. Sports gamers woke up this morning much like they would on Christmas Day all set to download the demo and see just how much had changed from NCAA Football 13 only to see it was not yet available.

Hours have now come and gone and the demo still hasn't been released and those gamers who were excited to see what this year's version of the game had to offer now get to sick back and wonder what the heck is going on.

For it's part, Electronic Arts doesn't seem to be clued in as to why the demo isn't available yet and it doesn't appear to be available for either the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3. On EA's official Twitter account, the company posted the following:

That Tweet was issued two hours ago at the time of this post. It seems that there is a lack of communication between Microsoft, Sony and EA as to what exactly the hold up is. For now, everyone is just going to have to keep checking their console or EA's NCAA Football Twitter feed until we get confirmation that the demo is indeed still hitting consoles today.

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29 May

Ned Yost So Toxic, Chiefs Don't Even Want Him Around


Ned Yost must be asking himself how bad has it gotten for the Kansas City Royals. The KC manager was out doing his daily jog when he came across one of the practice fields for the Kansas City Chiefs. Apparently feeling a bit curious, Yost attempted to take in the practice and was immediately surrounded by security guards.

"I ran today and almost got arrested for a taking a peek at the Chiefs doing their minicamp. They surrounded me with their security," Yost said good-naturedly. "I'm not going to sell any secrets."

It's funny that Ned Yost thinks the problem is that the security guards were afraid he was going to sell any team secrets. I think its a rather safe bet that the reason the guards stopped the major league manager was because they didn't want any of his stink getting on the Chiefs. There is quite a bit of hope surrounding Andy Reid and his boys this year. 

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Royals are looking like one of the worst teams in the major leagues these days. The team just got handed their 12th defeat in their last 13 games and went homerless yet again. The Royals have now hit two homers in the last 16 games.

Andy Reid is hoping that his team can be a squad that hits the home run on the football field, what with Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles happy and healthy. Would you want Ned Yost's loser juice on you?

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3 Feb

The Super Bowl That Could Have Been for the Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl Sunday. The biggest day in the NFL's year. The pomp, the circumstance, the hoopla and of course the big game. The Chiefs are about as far away from this game as humanly possible, having the first pick in this year's NFL draft. But oh, what might have been. There was a time when people actually thought this team was a Super Bowl contender.

While its painful enough to think about what might have happened this season, we can even go farther back and really look at what might have been.  A recent report shows that the Chiefs actually talked to Jim Harbaugh about their open coaching position back before they eventually landed on Todd Haley.

The report says that the Chiefs were actually a day late when contacting Harbaugh about their opening (it appears that Scott Pioli mistakes were more numerous than we knew) and he had already signed an extension with the Stanford Cardinal. Harbaugh wasn't anywhere near the hot commodity he is now but he was plenty in demand, having already talked to the Lions and the Jets earlier that offseason.

Obviously, Pioli couldn't have known that just four years later, Harbaugh would be leading his team into the Superbowl, nobody could, but you still have to wonder what might have been had the team made that call earlier. Would Matt Cassel have been his quarterback? Would Jamaal Charles be the back he is today? Would he have been able to take a team that was talented enough on paper to be a darkhorse to get to the Super Bowl, and actually taken them to the Super Bowl?

We'll never know, but its an interesting thing to ponder as we get ready to watch two teams we don't have any rooted interest in, do battle for the top prize in professional sports.

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2 Feb

Does Weak QB Class Mean Chiefs Really Pick Someone Else With First Overall Slot?

Considering that neither Geno Smith, nor Tyler Wilson the Arkansas Razorbacks quarterback who has put up some big numbers look like sure things, should the Chiefs throw a Hail Mary in this year's draft and go with something other than Quarterback in the first round? A couple of months ago it seemed a foregone conclusion that Geno Smith was going to be a Chief. For whatever reason, the luster has worn off that pearl and it seems like more and more people are thinking the Chiefs could go get someone like Alex Smith and use their #1 overall pick to help the team in another area.

There are also still plenty of mock drafts who see the Chiefs ending up with Geno Smith, but while I was really excited about getting this kid a few weeks ago, I've started to doubt myself. Is he really worthy of that #1 pick, or is he simply the best of a mediocre bunch. I will say that I don't believe the #1 pick should be spent on an offensive lineman, no matter how good he is. Luke Joekel has certainly been one that has been rising up the ranks, but I just can't see myself getting that excited about a lineman with this draft.

I realized the other day, that part of the problem I'm having with Wilson and Smith is that they seem to be openly campaigning to be picked first. Maybe other prospects have done this in the past, but I don't remember Andrew Luck having to sell himself to the Colts. We all simply knew that's where he was going. With Smith and Wilson, there have been interviews where they've been talking about how much they'd love to come to KC. It would seem to me that if you've got to tell a team what a great fit you'd be for them, maybe you're not all that great a fit.

Having someone who is going to be available like an Alex Smith is certainly a temptation. On the other hand, we already tried the retread "certainly not great, but could be better once he gets here" quarterback plenty of times in Kansas City with the latest being Matt Cassel. It would be nice to draft a quarterback that we could develop and who would be the face of the franchise for years to come. Is that Geno Smith? Or is this destined to be another Brody Croyle or Tyler Thigpen?

I guess that's why its so hard to know what to do with this first pick. The Chiefs have had some truly terrible luck with quarterbacks and you just get worried that they're going to blow it yet again. The fact that Andy Reid and John Dorsey are very new to us probably doesn't help my lack of confidence. At this point, you've got to trust the Chiefs and see what happens, but 2013 certainly isn't lacking in drama or excitement already that's for sure.

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27 Jan

Six Chiefs to Play in Pro Bowl Tonight


If there is any indication that the Chiefs have more talent than a 2 win team, take a look at the number of players from Kansas City that made the Pro Bowl. Tamba Hali, Eric Berry, Derrick Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Dustin Colquitt and Justin Houston (as an alternate) all made the game that is supposed to highlight the best players in the NFL.

So how did a team have this many of the top players in the game, that was so bad when they had to play other teams? Obviously, the Chiefs felt that a large part of that was the coaching staff. I have to agree. Certainly the inability to find a quarterback was a problem as well, but there should have been ways to make better do than they did.

This also indicates what I said the other day about the Chiefs' cupboard not being bare. There is talent on this roster and the right mix could make this team one of the big reclamation stories in the NFL. There is talent on the roster and that really is evidenced by the number of players who will be going tonight.

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21 Jan

Why this Day is What it Is

No this isn't really a Kansas City Chiefs post. But there is very little doubt that every single Chief player's life is better of because of the man that we celebrate today. His efforts did more than most could ever understand when it comes to ridding this country of a great evil.

I'm beginning to sound a little too pompous and a little holier than thou, so without further ado...

The video is a bit long, but if you can't take 15 minutes to celebrate the man today, then I really can't help you.

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20 Jan

Chiefs Coaching Staff Blends New and Old in Arrowhead

Now that the Chiefs coaching staff is all but complete, I find myself wishing it were August or September. I want to see what these guys can do with a team that had quite a bit more talent than their 2-14 record indicates.

New head coach Andy Reid didn't waste much time in putting his staff together, and I have to say I like the fact that he didn't just bring guys he knew from Philly to fill every position. Reid announced that he has kept Emmitt Thomas as defensive backs coach and Gary Gibbs as linebacker's coach. Both are holdovers from the Haley/Crennel era.

Reid also did bring in quite a few of his own guys.  Eugene Chung will be the assistant offensive line coach (a job he did for 3 years previous for the Eagles. Chung is apparently pretty happy about his new gig, since he just recently put up this blog post.

Tommy Brasher will be brought in as defensive line coach. A 25 year veteran in the NFL, Brasher is considered one of the best around and will be a big help to new defensive coordinator Bob Sutton. Sutton has served as an assistant coach with the New York Jets in the previous 13 seasons.

On the offensive side of the ball, Doug Pederson will be the offensive coordinator, having served the last several years as the Eagles' quarterbacks coach.  Eric Bieniemy was named the running backs coach (as a Husker fan I can't help but hate this move a little bit for personal reasons) and Matt Nagy was named the quarterbacks coach.

The blending of guys means that this isn't just a retreads list for Reid. Sure quite a few of the names on this list are ones he's worked with before, but other names indicate that he went out and got the guy he thought fit the role best. I'm excited to see what this group can do.

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20 Jan

Would Alex Smith Be Worth A Gamble?

It seems like a foregone conclusion that Matt Cassel won't be the Chiefs quarterback in 2013. While most people are gearing up for getting Geno Smith with the first pick in the draft, it seems like more insiders believe the Chiefs might be looking at something other than drafting a QB with their first pick. That would mean going after another veteran quarterback to be under center for Andy Reid's  first team.

There have actually been some rumors flying around that Michael Vick might be headed to KC, since Andy Reid was effusive of his praise of the man and it seems likely his days in Philadelphia are over. I sort of doubt that Clark Hunt is going to want to deal with the weird sort of sideshows that seem to follow Vick and I would also think that the coaching staff would want a quarterback who was a little more of a traditional passer.

So is Alex Smith someone the team should be looking at? It's a little hard to say. On the one hand, this is the guy who's never been particularly good at his job. Smith has basically been the guy that was going to be replaced by someone with the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh has finally replaced him for good with Colin Kaepernick.

On the other hand, Smith was having a pretty great season before he suffered a concussion and lost his job. Smith had been looking like he was finally figuring out what being a QB in the NFL was all about, posting a career high (at the time) QBR last year despite throwing just 17 TDs. This year, he posted and even higher quarterback rating through 10 games and already had 13 TD passes. Both last year and this year he had only thrown 5 INTs per season. Obviously, there are some who will point to his recent turnaround as being a similar story to Matt Cassel and claim that he hasn't put up good numbers long enough to justify making a run at him.

While that's true, the flipside is that, had he been putting up big numbers for a longer period of time, he wouldn't have lost his starting job to begin with. There isn't going to be a Peyton Manning out on the market this year. If Chiefs fans truly want to put Matt Cassel in the rearview mirror, we're going to have to hope that some of the potential reclamation projects turn into actual reclamation projects and Alex Smith seems to be the best of that bunch at the moment.

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13 Jan

New Chiefs GM Dorsey Doesn't Inherit an Empty Cupboard

It appears that the leadership for the Chiefs has been sewn up with the hiring of John Dorsey as general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs.  Dorsey has long been rumored as the man who the Chiefs would hire, because of his ties to Andy Reid way back in the day when both men worked for the Packers.

Dorsey is well respected in the NFL as a great talent evaluator, which certainly can't hurt to have on staff when talking about who will be the next Kansas City Chief quarterback.

It seems to me that Dorsey is not going to need to come in a do a complete rebuild. The talent is the same as the team that was even predicted to head to the Super Bowl by a couple different people. This is a team that doesn't seem to need to take an approach like the Chicago Cubs where the team needs to burn it all down and start over. The Chiefs genuinely look like a team that is one or two pieces away from turning into a playoff team in 2013. That is hopefully the approach that Andy Reid and John Dorsey are going to take. There's no reason that Chiefs fans should have to suffer through another 4-12 season and hope that brighter days are ahead in 2014.

Of course, some of that hope has to be tempered with "that's true only if the rookie quarterback they draft can adjust quickly." Andrew Luck is the exception, not the rule. If the Chiefs do go with a rookie QB there could be some growing pains, but you would hope that Reid and his staff could find a way to take the pressure off the rookie QB, they do after all have two pretty good running backs they could lean on for a year.

Hope springs eternal in Kansas City, but it seems like Clark Hunt has done an excellent job of putting  a team together that could bring real and sustained success to the Chiefs organization.

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